XNap Commons 0.9.6 API

org.xnap.commons.gui Provides common GUI components like dialogs, borders and such.
org.xnap.commons.gui.action Provides an enhanced Action implementation that can adopts the icon size based on the component and support 2-state actions.
org.xnap.commons.gui.completion Provides classes offering input completion for JTextComponents to users.
org.xnap.commons.gui.dnd Provides abstract and default handlers for file drag and drops.
org.xnap.commons.gui.factory Provides a pluggable factory for the Builder class.
org.xnap.commons.gui.settings Provides components for handling of Setting objects.
org.xnap.commons.gui.shortcut Provides a classes for handling of short cuts.
org.xnap.commons.gui.table Provides support for sortable tables and configuration of the displayed columns through a context menu.
org.xnap.commons.gui.tree Provides a TreeModel that is backed by the file system and an enhanced JTree that support Drag'n'Drop.
org.xnap.commons.gui.util Provides helper classes for common GUI tasks.
org.xnap.commons.gui.wizard Provides a wizard dialog.
org.xnap.commons.io Provides classes for monitoring of long running operations.
org.xnap.commons.settings Provides classes for application settings.
org.xnap.commons.util Provides common utility classes, i.e. string manipulation and file utitilities.


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