Package org.xnap.commons.gui.completion

Provides classes offering input completion for JTextComponents to users.


Interface Summary
CompletionMode Classes implementing this interface handle the way completion is actually done.
CompletionModel Defines the requirements for classes implementing a CompletionModel.
CompletionModeListener Classes that want to be notified of completion mode changes can implement this interface and add themselves to a Completion object using Completion.addCompletionModeListener(CompletionModeListener).

Class Summary
AbstractCompletionMode Abstract convenience class which provides some wrapping function to ease the implementation of a CompletionMode.
AutomaticCompletionMode This mode provides automatic completion similar to the one provided in KDE.
AutomaticDropDownCompletionMode This mode mimics KDE's automatic drop down mode.
ClearCompletionModelAction Action that allows clearing the default completion model.
Completion The Completion class follows the mediator pattern.
CompletionModeFactory Factory class that manages all installed completion modes and creates them.
CompletionModeFactory.CompletionModeInfo Info class that associates a CompletionMode with a name that can be shown to the user.
CompletionModeMenu Provides a graphical interface to the user for selecting his/her favorite completion mode.
CompletionPopup This class presents completed objects in a popup menu below a JTextComponent.
DefaultCompletionModel This classl uses a ternary search tree for completion.
DropDownListCompletionMode Uses a CompletionPopup to present its completions to the user.
EmacsCompletionMode This completion mode mimics Emacs' (dabbrev-expand).
FileCompletionModel This class provides completion for path prefixes on the local file system.
GlobalDefaultCompletionMode This mode acts as a proxy for another mode that can be set as global default.
ManualCompletionMode This mode provides manual completion similar to the one offered by KDE.
NoCompletionMode A null completion mode that provides no completion whatsoever.
ShortAutomaticCompletionMode This mode mimics KDE's short automatic completion mode.

Package org.xnap.commons.gui.completion Description

Provides classes offering input completion for JTextComponents to users.

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