Package org.xnap.commons.gui

Provides common GUI components like dialogs, borders and such.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AboutDialog Simple about dialog.
CloseableTabbedPane Provides a JTabbedPane with close buttons in the tab titles.
ColorChooserPanel Provides a panel that displays a JComboBox with predefined colors and a button that can launch a JColorChooser.
ColoredTable A table that uses a different background color for every other row in the table.
DefaultDialog This class provides a default implementation for a dialog.
Dialogs Provides a set of static methods to display common dialogs.
Dialogs.FileListCellRenderer This class provides a list renderer for File objects.
DirectoryChooser Provides a dialog with a JTree that contains the local directory structure for directory selection and a button for quick selection of the user's home directory.
EraseTextFieldAction Erases the text of a JTextField.
ErrorDialog A dialog to display error messages.
FileChooserPanel Provides a panel with a JTextField and a button for file selection.
IconSplitPane This class provides a tabbed pane like behaving widget.
ProgressDialog A simple progress dialog that displays text in a JLabel and a JProgressBar.
SplashWindow Displays a splash window at the center of the screen.
TextFieldMenu A menu for JTextField objects that provides cut, copy paste, clear and a select all action.
TextFieldMenu.ClearAction Default clear action that operates on any JTextComponent.
TextFieldMenu.CopyAction Default clipboard copy action that operates on any JTextComponent.
TextFieldMenu.CutAction Default clipboard cut action that operates on any JTextComponent.
TextFieldMenu.PasteAction Default clipboard paste action that operates on any JTextComponent.
TextFieldMenu.SelectAllAction Default select all action that operates on any JTextComponent.
ThinBevelBorder Provides a simple 1 line bevel border.
ThinEtchedBorder Provides a simple 2 line bevel border.
ToolBarButton This class provides a toolbar button with an appropriately sized icon.
ToolBarToggleButton This class provides a toggelable toolbar button with an appropriate sized icon that can display a little arrow as a hint for a menu.

Package org.xnap.commons.gui Description

Provides common GUI components like dialogs, borders and such.

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