Provides classes for monitoring of long running operations.


Interface Summary
Job<T> Defines the requirements for tasks that run asynchronously and need to provide user interaction through a ProgressMonitor.
ProgressMonitor Defines the requirements for classes that monitor operations to display user visible feedback.

Class Summary
FileExtensionFilter Provides a FileFilter that accepts a certain file extension only.
JobExecutor Provides static helper methods for executing Job objects.
NullProgressMonitor Null pattern implementation of the ProgressMonitor interface.
SubTaskProgressMonitor Create a top ProgressMonitor with totalSteps set to number of SubTaskProgressMonitor * SubTaskProgressMonitor amounts.
UserAbortProgressMonitor A progress monitor that acts as a proxy and throws UserAbortException the proxied monitor has been cancelled.

Exception Summary
UserAbortException Represents an abort by the user that should be handled gracefully.

Package Description

Provides classes for monitoring of long running operations.

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