We have collected links to other projects that complement the XNap Commons nicely.

Swing Components

JGoodies Forms

"The JGoodies Forms framework helps you lay out and implement elegant Swing panels quickly and consistently. It makes simple things easy and the hard stuff possible, the good design easy and the bad difficult."

JGoodies Looks

"The JGoodies look&feels make your Swing applications and applets look better. They have been optimized for readability, precise micro-design and usability."

Java Wizard Framework


Swing Tips&Tricks along with samples and source.

Desktop Integration

JDesktop Integration Components (JDIC)

Columba Frapuccino

High-level Swing GUI components like Editable List, Tree Table, Checkable List or Checkable Tree.

Java Wizard Framework

Unit Testing


Extension for JUnit to test Swing applications.


Easy creation of mock objects for unit testing.