The XNap Commons project provides a set of utility Java classes for easy handling of common tasks like sortable tables, auto completion, internationalization (i18n) and a settings framwork. Have a look at the Quick Start page to see how you can enhance your Java application with the XNap Commons.

The classes were originally developed for the XNap project and have been refactored to be usable as generic components. Since we like to live on the cutting edge of technology Java 5.0 is required!

In case you like Eclipse and GNU ChangeLog files, check out our sub-project, an Eclipse Plugin for Emacs-style editing of ChangeLog files.


Stable releases are available from the download page and the Maven repository.


  • JHylaFAX - A HylaFAX client with a fairly small code base that serves as a good example on how to use the XNap Commons

Getting Involved

If you have some experience in Java programming and know your way around Open-Source projects and would like to help with the XNap Commons, please get in contact with us through any of the SourceForge facilities:


We have setup a project at launch pad that allows everyone who registers there to help translate the XNap Commons to any language.