Release History

0.9.6 2007-02-10
0.9.5 2006-05-17
0.9.4 2006-01-05
0.9.3 2005-11-17
0.9.2 2005-10-30
0.9.1 2005-09-30
0.9 2005-08-25

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Release 0.9.6 - 2007-02-10

add IconHelper has been enhanced with a methods getApplicationIcons() to retrieve a list of application icons and getSystemTrayIcon() to retrieve an icon for the Java 6 system tray. squig
fix The CloseableTabbedPane has been fixed to work on Java 6. squig

Release 0.9.5 - 2006-05-17

add Added getComponent() method to ProgressMonitor. squig

Release 0.9.4 - 2006-01-05

add The SettingComponentMediator has been enhanced to support JSpinner. squig
add The class ComponentIterator to traverse Component object hierarchies has been added. squig
add The class EnableListener to enable or disable a set of Components has been added. squig
add The component IconSplitPane that displays a list of icons to selects a panel in a CardLayout has been added. squig
add The class ShortCutPrefsPanel to configure ShortCutAction objects has been added. squig
update A hyperlink enabled license tab has been added to AboutDialog. squig
update All i18n related classes have been moved to a sub-project named Gettext Commons.
update The method bindExpandCollapseKeysToTree has been added to GUIHelper to easily enhance JTree with support for * and % keys. squig
update Java 1.4 compatibilty code has been removed since the XNap Commons require Java 5.0 anyways. bflat1

Release 0.9.3 - 2005-11-17

add A selection action that operates on a set of objects has been added. squig
add A simple abstract table model has been added. squig
add A french localization by Pascal Billard has been added.
update The button separator in the default dialog can now be disabled. squig
update The API of SplashWindow has been improved for better accessibility. squig
fix A few bugs related to completion have been fixed. bflat1
fix The width of the progress dialog is now initialized correctly to avoid a resize. squig

Release 0.9.2 - 2005-10-30

add FileHelper has support for ProgressMonitors in copy methods. bflat1
add A default file transfer handler for trees has been added. It takes care of dragging and dropping of files from/to a JTree and displays a progress dialog while copying dropped files into the selected directory of the tree. bflat1
update CompletionPopup and other components have been made aware of ComponentOrientation. bflat1
fix A NullPointerException has been fixed in the FileChooserPanel. squig
fix FileHelper.readText() has been fixed again after new test cases had uncovered unexpected behavior of the implementation. bflat1

Release 0.9.1 - 2005-09-30

add A mediator class that connects a ShortCut, a JComponent and an Action object has been added. bflat1
update Native drag and drop support has been added to FileChooserPanel. bflat1
update A sorting flag has been added to FileTreeModel. bflat1
update Setter and getter methods for the JFileChooser object that is used by FileChooserPanel have been added. squig
fix SerializableSetting was broken and has been reimplemented correctly. bflat1
fix FileHelper.readText() was off by one and has been fixed. bflat1

Release 0.9 - 2005-08-25

Initial release. Most components that were considered useful have been merged from the XNap project. A few, like shortcut handling, drag and drop support, are still under consideration and may be added in future releases. squig
add Internationalization (I18n) based on gettext has been added.
add A type safe settings framework that supports PropertyChangeListeners has been added.
add Extensible auto completion with support for different modes has been added.
add A default dialog implementation that provides a common look and feel has been added.
add Support for tables with sortable and hideable columns has been added.
add A tabbed pane that has tabs that can be closed through a button in the tab header has been added.
add Support for context help similar to common "What's This" implementaions has been added.
add Emacs keybindings that can be used for all Swing text components have been added.
add And a lot more that is descri bed in the API documentation...