Class CompletionModeSetting

  extended by org.xnap.commons.settings.AbstractSetting<String>
      extended by org.xnap.commons.settings.StringSetting
          extended by org.xnap.commons.settings.CompletionModeSetting
All Implemented Interfaces:
CompletionModeListener, Setting<String>

public class CompletionModeSetting
extends StringSetting
implements CompletionModeListener

This class manages the serialization of the active completion mode for a Completion object. A CompletionModeSetting can be used as follows:

 JTextField jtf = new JTextField();
 Completion comp = new Completion(jtf);
 CompletionModeSetting cms = 
 new CompletionModeSetting("prefsKey", 
        ManualCompletionMode.class.getName(), comp);

Felix Berger

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CompletionModeSetting(SettingResource backend, String key, Class defaultMode, Completion comp)
          Creates a CompletionModeSetting for a completion object.
Method Summary
 void modeChanged(Class oldMode, Class newMode)
          Invoked when a completion mode change took place.
 void revert()
          Reverts the completion mode setting to the default mode and sets it for the completion object.
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Constructor Detail


public CompletionModeSetting(SettingResource backend,
                             String key,
                             Class defaultMode,
                             Completion comp)
Creates a CompletionModeSetting for a completion object.

key - the settings key for the properties file
defaultMode - the mode which is initially set for the completion object
comp -
Method Detail


public void revert()
Reverts the completion mode setting to the default mode and sets it for the completion object.

Specified by:
revert in interface Setting<String>
revert in class AbstractSetting<String>


public void modeChanged(Class oldMode,
                        Class newMode)
Description copied from interface: CompletionModeListener
Invoked when a completion mode change took place.

Specified by:
modeChanged in interface CompletionModeListener
oldMode - the old completion mode
newMode - the new completion mode

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