Release History

0.9.1 2007-08-22
0.9 2006-01-05

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Release 0.9.1 - 2007-08-22

update The project has been separated from the XNap Commons project and moved to a new location: steffen.pingel
add A locale parameter has been added to I18nFactory.getI18n() (#1). steffen.pingel
update A flags parameter has been added to I18nFactory.getI18n() that allows to fallback to a default resource bundle (#3) or to disable caching. steffen.pingel
update The resource bundle lookup has been enhanced to also look in the default package when a class is passed to I18nFactory.getI18n() that is not in the default package (#2). steffen.pingel
update If a basename is passed to I18nFactory.getI18n() the classpath is not searched for files anymore (#7) steffen.pingel
update I18nManager.setDefaultLocale() does not invoke Locale.setDefault() anymore (#6). steffen.pingel
fix A NullPointerException has been fixed classes that were loaded through the boot strap classloader were passed to I18nFactory.getI18n() (#4). steffen.pingel

Release 0.9 - 2006-01-05

add Initial release. The project was formerly part of the XNap Commons and is now distributed separately. The changes described for this release were made since XNap Commons 0.9.3 which was the last XNap Commons release that contained gettext classes. squig